What is Food Security?

Food security refers to the capacity of individuals, households and communities to attain appropriate and nutritionally adequate food on a consistent and reliable basis, using socially acceptable means. Food security is determined by multiple factors, including:

  • The food supply in a community
  • Financial resources
  • Food transport
  • Education
  • Storage facilities

What is Food Insecurity?

Food insecurity is the constant feeling of anxiety that comes from trying to provide enough food for yourself or your family. It might include periods of food shortage or constantly feeling hungry.

Food insecurity encompasses a range on negative impacts on the individual, including:

  • Hunger
  • Anxiety
  • Poor mental health outcomes
  • Social exclusion
  • Illnesses                                                                 

How is Liverpool Council responding to food insecurity?

Liverpool Community Kitchen & Hub

The Liverpool Community Kitchen and Hub is a partnership program that brings non-government and government organisations to improve and build on services and opportunities for people who experience social disadvantage and exclusion.

  • The Community Kitchen and Hub fosters a collaborative approach that aims to achieve:
  • A community that meets the needs of a growing and diverse population
  • A healthy and socially inclusive community
  • A community that has access to holistic and streamlined services that support people in need

The achievement of these outcomes are supported by providing hot meals, outreach services, social and recreational activities, community building activities, case management, skill development, and information and referrals.

The current partners of the Liverpool Community Kitchen and Hub are Anglicare Liverpool, Cabramatta Community Centre, Inspire Community Services, Liverpool City Council, Mission Australia, Partners in Recovery and Uniting Church Liverpool.

The Liverpool Community Kitchen and Hub operates from the Uniting Church Liverpool located at 28 Pirie Street Liverpool.

Putting Food on the Table - Food Security Conference

13-14 October 2014 I Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Approximately 5% or over a million Australians are unable to regularly provide food for their families. A two day event on 13-14 October, Putting Food on The Table will be held at Casula Powerhouse to tackle this challenge. Bringing together policy makers, academics, community development workers, and health promoters, solutions to this issue will be explored at a range of different levels.

For more information, visit http://righttofood.org.au/

For all conference enquiries call (02) 4627 1188 or email info@righttofood.org.au

To register, http://righttofood.org.au/register/

More information about food security

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