The fight goes on!

Working with Liverpool communities was enlightening. There was so much willingness to partake, embrace the kookiness of the event and trust the honest aim of the artists to create a loud and bold statement about such a grim and disenfranchising reality. - Diego Bonetto, artist

The Food Fight team would like to extend their warmest thanks to the more than 150 participants and 2,000 people who joined us on Saturday 30 April 2016. The spectacular live art event included cooking demonstrations, night markets, DJ sets, and costumed performance - culminating in a frenetic food fight inside an inflatable arena!

The event opened with night food markets while the Food Heroes demonstrated their signature dishes, including Laotian green papaya salad, Ukrainian borscht, five spice pork belly, and Anzac slice. Following this, the Food Warriors, in costumes reflecting their causes, were carried through the crowd by their teams, chanting slogans such as, ‘No one hungry!’ and ‘Healthy soil! Healthy life!’. The Food Warriors then led the audience to the Food Fight arena. As the Diners took their places at the banquet table, the arena - a large transparent inflatable structure gradually rose from the ground. Throughout the night, Food Fight host, performance artist Mish Grigor, led the event and interviewed participants about food security.

Over three rounds, the Food Warriors’ teams entered the inflatable arena, taking part in a fight with rotten tomatoes, beans and strawberries - a spectacular enaction of food waste.

It was an enormous effort by all involved. We’d especially like to thank the participants - Warriors, Heroes, Security Guards and Fighters - as well as the people of Liverpool for making it such a fun night, and for raising awareness about this very serious issue.

The battle for food security continues. You can help by donating your time, money or food to any number of organisations which work every day to ensure that everyone has access to fresh, affordable and nutritious food. CLICK HERE to find out more.

All images: Branch Nebula and Diego BonettoFood Fight: The Battle for Food Security, performance documentation, 2016, Bigge Park, Liverpool. Design support from Genevieve Murray, Director of Future Method Studio. Co-commissioned by Liverpool City Council in collaboration with C3West on behalf of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Image courtesy and © the artists.